• Strength lies in differences, not in similarities



  • Our vision

    To dissolve the inter-generational gap between the retirees and young adults in Singapore in a meaningful and practical way.

    Through gainful research and acclaimed methodologies, we strive to build productive relationships and bring about positive impact in numerous aspects of society with all of our endeavors.

    Skill Sharing

    For the Adventurous and the Inquisitive

    Learn something you never thought you'd learn today.

    Industry Mentor

    For the Driven and Purposeful

    Get industry-specific advice today to further your career prospects.

    Hobby Sharing

    For the Fun-loving and Sociable

    Connect to like-minded fellows that enjoy the same things you love.

  • Programmes

    We always strive for the best.

    Skill Sharing

    Ever wanted to pick up something intriguing that your friend's would never expect you'd be capable of?

    Learn a useful skill you can show off to your friends! Whether it's everyday life skills such as cooking, baking or even more exotic skills like traditional coffee grinding and traditional Chinese medicine, we remain that those who have the willingness to learn should never be denied knowledge!

    Industry Mentor

    Concerned about the trajectory of your current career or a little confused about how to improve your work experience and prospects?

    Come consult a senior member of the workforce and tap on their deep pool of experience!

    Gain certain insights and valuable advice from a more seasoned perspective to better advance your career.

    Hobby Sharing​

    Love a game of badminton or a spin on your bike just to unwind?

    Fancy a chat about your favourite soccer team or the latest Audi model release that has all the car enthusiasts on their feet?

    Connect to others in your community who share the same interest as you!

  • Meet Our Friendly Team

    Our warm and friendly team is made of passionate and creative people, dedicated to making our dream a reality.



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